Savvy pet parents know that their furry family members are happiest when they are engaged with their surroundings. Whether they are going for walks and solving puzzles with their pack of people and pet friends, or napping in a happy spot, nestled in knowing that their peers and playmates are nearby; dogs and cats alike live their best lives when they are not alone.

With this understanding, Wagly’s expert team of veterinarians, pet behavior specialists, and pet training experts have come together to engineer a pet care program like no other. Built on a foundational understanding that pets thrive on play and companionship, Wagly has created a pet boarding and pet daycare club experience that will enrich your pet’s life.

Modeled, to a degree, after early childhood education and its positive impact on human development and socialization, Wagly offers a suite of “social club” services that promote social, behavioral, and physical well-being in pets. By keeping both the mind and body active and engaged, pets that stay and play the Wagly way are generally happier and healthier than their stay-at-home peers and bring their best pet-selves home to you after spending the day with us!

Your Dog’s Day Out: The Wagly Daycare Club Difference

What sets Wagly apart from other pet boarding and care facilities is our commitment to socialization and play as part of your pet’s overall wellbeing. Wagly’s expertly-designed Daycare Club is based on four pillars of care:

  • Socialize: Your pet will engage with a carefully selected pack for activities and adventure
  • Enrich: Our guests have fun with bubbles, puzzles, ice, and more
  • Learn: Our pet daycare program offers Daycare Olympics to grow your pet’s skills
  • Rejuvenate: Whether for the day or overnight, we provide guests with plenty of opportunities to rest and relax

Whether your pet is dropping in for a special day or is part of our weekly club experience, Daycare Club members also enjoy the benefits of our pet chauffeur pick-up and drop-off service and you are able to add on additional services such as pet grooming or your pet’s dental exam. We also offer:

  • Experienced and trained play coaches
  • Industry-leading dog to coach ratio
  • Veterinary oversight
  • Webcam and report cards to stay connected

Citizens in Training

Dogs, in particular, thrive when they have a pack and a purpose, and Wagly’s pet boarding and Daycare Club works to provide our pet guests with an experience that will keep their tails wagging.

Prior to your dog’s first boarding or Daycare Club visit, we ask that you bring them in for a pre-stay evaluation of their temperament, training, and social skills. This evaluation allows our team of pet care professionals to place your pup with other like-minded dogs for fun and frolic while in our care.

Better still? If your dog is lacking the training and socialization needed to mix and mingle with our other guests, we offer in-house dog training services, both one-on-one and in group settings, your pup will need to thrive both at home and at Wagly.

Boutique Boarding

Many pet owners only consider boarding their pets as an option while they travel, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Pet boarding can often be a great alternative to leaving your pet home alone while you go out for a special evening, are entertaining a houseful of guests, or for no “reason” at all. At Wagly, we know that pet’s love slumber parties, too; and sometimes that can be reason enough.

Wagly pet boarding services offer a range of individual accommodations including beautifully appointed luxury suites with TVs. Our canine guests’ individual stays include lambswool beds and personalized meal service, or you can choose the slumber party option for fun cage-free boarding! Likewise, our Whisker City concept provides our feline guests with the calm and comfort they purr for.

In addition to our luxury accommodations, your pet’s care team goes the distance to make sure your pet is comfortable and cared for. From meals to grooming and activities, everything is customized to your pet’s preferences. Likewise, every overnight stay includes complimentary access to our Daycare Club, and optional activities include neighborhood walks, bedtime stories, and much more.

To make your pet’s stay a little easier on you, we also offer:

  • Extended hours, 7 days/week
  • Optional chauffeur pick-up from home or work, or even the airport
  • Grooming, veterinary care and training available during your pet’s stay
  • Live streaming webcams to check in while you’re away

Welcome to Wagly!

If you would like to learn more about Wagly’s Pet Boarding Services or Daycare Club membership and benefits, please give us a ring at our San Jose veterinary, Bellevue veterinary, Tustin veterinary or Rancho Santa Margarita veterinary location today! Our expert staff is happy to discuss any questions you might have and book your pet’s stay.