The cost of high quality veterinary care is a concern for every responsible pet owner. As our pets have moved from the backyard to our bedrooms, they have become an important part of the family. Veterinary medicine continues to advance, allowing owners to see their pets living long and healthy lives. As our pets age, early recognition of disease becomes a crucial part of effective treatment. A comprehensive wellness plan is a cost effective way to both scan for early disease, as well as provide preventative veterinary care in order to keep pets happy and healthy.

Pets age much faster than people do. As they age, their veterinary care needs change. An ample wellness plan provides a variety of options for dogs and cats of different ages. Puppies and kittens require frequent exams as they grow, as well as a strict vaccination and deworming schedule to protect them from infectious disease. Alternatively, senior pets need more frequent exams, as well as lab work and imaging in order to recognize and treat disease in early stages.

Similar to human medicine, preventative medicine is an important part of superior veterinary care. Yearly vaccinations, fecal and heartworm testing, parasite prevention, and dental care are a necessary part of keeping pets fit. A comprehensive wellness plan not only includes these features of preventative medicine, but also allows for the cost of care to be spread out over the year in order to avoid facing a large bill at one time. Preventative medicine such as vaccinations and parasite prevention keep our pets from getting ill while allowing pet parents to save time, money, and worry. 

Dental disease affects 80% of cats and dogs over 2-3 years old. Dental disease is a silent process that may lead to systemic illnesses, including kidney, heart, and blood infections. Good dental hygiene is important for quality of life, overall health, and longevity. An excellent wellness plan includes dental cleanings for pets that are over 2 years old. These dental procedures should include a complete cleaning, polishing, full mouth x-rays, and a comprehensive evaluation of the whole mouth above and below the gum line. Yearly dentals, in combination with daily in-home dental care, will keep pets healthy and pain-free, as well as help owners avoid expensive oral surgery costs. 

Thorough wellness plans are the best way to keep our pets purring and wagging their tails, while saving our pet parents time and money. Wagly offers comprehensive wellness plans that include all of above attributes. If you are interested in learning more about the Wagly wellness plans, please call Wagly today.