Pet Daycare Club

Pet daycare at Wagly is so much more than a fun place for your pets to spend the day.

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Expertly designed Four-Part Program

  • Socialize: engage with a carefully selected pack
  • Enrich: have fun with bubbles, puzzles, ice, and more
  • Learn: Daycare Olympics to grow your pet’s skills
  • Rejuvenate: rest and relax

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Dog Daycare at Wagly Pet Hospital

Safe, loving care

  • Experienced and trained play coaches
  • Industry-leading dog to coach ratio
  • Veterinary oversight
  • Webcam and report cards to stay connected
Dog at Wagly Doggy Daycare

Three days is just right

  • Consistent habits make great pets
  • Pets burn off energy and stay fit
  • Be part of the pack!
Dog at Pet Daycare Wagly Pet Campus


Access to the Wagly Daycare Club includes our expertly structured Four Part Program.


Type Price
Full Day (more than 5 hours) $47
Half Day (less than 5 hours) $35
Daycare Full Day Packages:
5-Day Package $230
10-Day Package $450
20-Day Package $840
30-Day Package $1140
Individual Activity $12
Neighborhood Walk $22
Peanut Butter Kong $5

Try us out! Your first day of daycare is always FREE.

People Wagly

Tried a trial day (free!) for day care and both my dog and I loved it! They are a VERY clean facility. The best part is being able to be a crazy dog mom and watch your dog from their HIGH QUALITY and NO LAG live stream.

Stephanie S. Wagly, Tustin

I love the people here! They all know us by name and our dog gets so excited when we pull up. They also have the most affordable day care packages that I’ve ever found in the area.

Wyatt S. Wagly, Bellevue

I just started taking my golden retriever this week to Wagly for doggy day care which drop off is at 7AM and the latest pick up is at 9PM. The place is very clean and there is a vet on-staff if anything happens.

Theresa H. CA
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