What to Expect from a Wagly Pet Dental Exam & Cleaning

Few would disagree that oral health is a cornerstone of our overall well being. Think about it – is there much that is worse than a dull, throbbing toothache? Or a sharp one for that matter? That gross taste in your mouth after you haven’t brushed in a while? Morning breath… Root canals!?

Keeping up on good oral hygiene is definitely worth the effort and expense. And the same is true for your pet.  

Oral Hygiene for Pets

Increasingly, savvy pet owners are becoming hip to the benefits of keeping up on their pet’s daily dental health. And while regularly brushing your pet’s teeth and making use of the occasional dental chew can go a long way in supporting pet dental health (we like the CET line of pet dental products); at the end of the day, we all need the services that only professional dental care can provide.

Taking a Closer Look at the Pet Dental Exam

In addition to regular at-home care, the expert team of Wagly doctors also recommends annual pet dental exams. In accordance with AAHA standards for veterinary dental exam safety, we conduct our Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment (COHAT) under anesthesia. This practice allows for a safe and thorough cleaning, as well as a complete assessment of your pet’s’ oral health.

Our COHAT appointments are extremely comprehensive, and include a full pre-operative exam and bloodwork, a dedicated technician monitoring anesthesia with state of the art monitoring equipment, an IV catheter and IV fluid therapy, and full-mouth dental radiographs, as well as a comprehensive cleaning. At the end of the COHAT, we also apply the first application of Oravet Plaque Prevention Gel and Barrier Sealant, which lasts for two weeks and prevents the immediate recolonization of bacteria on clean teeth.

Depending on the condition of your pet’s overall oral health, we will recommend a personalized course of action for your pet (if needed!) and discuss any questions or concerns you have regarding your pet’s dental health and at-home care.

Something to Smile About

If you book a pet dental exam between now and March 31, 2019, you will receive $40 off the procedure, as well as a free home care kit! Likewise, at a low monthly cost our Wagly Pet Health Membership (i.e. wellness plans) can be tailored to include your pet’s annual COHAT as part of their comprehensive pet wellness services. Have more questions? Give the experts at your Wagly Pet Campus a ring!

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