Sunscreen? Check. Beach towel? Got it. Good book? Of course. Four-legged best friend? Absolutely! 

The summer travel season has arrived, and for many families, leaving their pet behind while they vacation is simply not an option. Bringing a pet anywhere presents a certain set of challenges, but with a little bit of planning, and some pet travel tips from your team at Wagly, you’ll be ready for whatever lies ahead.

But First…

Bring your pet in to see us! Besides getting the chance to see your pet’s sweet face again, your veterinarian will make sure they are healthy enough for travel, and that their vaccinations are up to date. Heartworm, Lyme disease, and other vector-borne illnesses are a problem throughout the country, so your pet should also be on a flea, tick, and heartworm preventative. 

Pet Travel Tips

Being prepared is the key to your pet’s health, happiness, and safety. Whether you’re taking a weekend trip to the beach or planning a cross-country adventure, add our pet travel tips to your vacation checklist.

  • Double check to make sure your pet’s ID tags and microchip are updated with your current contact information. Collars and tags should be worn at all times.
  • In days of yore, pets roamed freely throughout the vehicle during car rides. Now we know that everyone is the car is much safer when pets are safely restrained using a sturdy, comfortable harness or carrier that attaches to the seat belt. Ask us for recommendations!
  • Keep a copy of your pet’s medical records and a current photograph on hand.
  • Pack your pet’s essentials: More food and water than you think you’ll need (along with bowls to eat and drink from), extra doses of your pet’s medications or supplements, bedding, and favorite toys.
  • People need chances to stretch their legs and use the facilities during a long car ride, and pets are no different. Map out some pet-friendly stops along your route, and have a plan in place for times your pet won’t be with you.
  • Planning ahead for your pet’s safety while on the road is a must. Bring a pet first aid kit along, and take a few moments to plug the phone numbers of nearby emergency veterinary clinics at your destination and along the way.

An Itty Bitty Reminder

Every year, thousands of pets die as a result of being left inside unattended vehicles. The temperature inside a parked car can reach dangerous levels within minutes, even when the car is parked in the shade, has the window cracked, or the temperature outside is mild. Never leave your pet inside a parked car – the safest place for them is with you!

Your Pet’s Home Away From Home

As much as we would all love to bring our pets everywhere we go, sometimes this just isn’t an option. Never fear, your pet can still have a fantastic time with their Wagly family while you’re away! Our luxury pet boarding accommodations are staffed by caring professionals, and the super fun summer boarding activities will leave your pet tired and happy at the end of each day. 

At Wagly summer boarding, your pet can enjoy any of the following:

  • Exit bath after their stay – $5 now through the end of August
  • Fun daily activities – Polar plunge, pool parties, agility, fetch, and more
  • Structured in-group training/play practicing – Name game, recall, group sit, wait-at-the-gate, and more. 

If you need more information about our pet travel tips, or would like to schedule a tour of our luxury boarding suites, don’t hesitate to give our friendly veterinary staff a call!