It is safe to say that the last year has been very different than anything most of us have experienced in our lifetimes. As we deal with new ways of living and a myriad of emotions that hit us each day, we have turned to new ways of coping to bring some joy back into our days. Enter pandemic pets:

The Rise of Pandemic Pets

According to Time Magazine, pet adoption rates at the beginning of March 2020 were around 58 percent. By the end of the month as people across the country went into lockdown, these rates jumped to 85 percent. Furry companions make the newfound isolation more bearable, and they give us a reason to have some structure throughout the day. As inklings of a return to normal life start to bubble just beneath the surface, it is time to think about how these pandemic pets will fit into our lives once we can return to “normal” life.

Book Your Veterinary Appointments

Before your social calendar begins to fill with engagements you missed out on over the past year, schedule necessary veterinary appointments that will ensure your pandemic pet is caught up on vaccinations and pet wellness visits. After practically an entire year of minimizing social interactions, it is easy to forget how much time they take up during the week, especially when we are all so starved to see our loved ones. Don’t let your desire to reconnect with other humans supersede the needs of your furry friends who have been keeping you sane in your house throughout the pandemic.

Socialization with Other Animals and Humans

Although the pandemic has given us ample opportunity to spend time with our pets, it is important to ensure they have exposure to other humans and animals. This socialization training is an essential part of raising well-behaved and well-adjusted animals. There’s no better time or place to start socializing your pandemic pets than at Wagly’s Daycare. Our unique pet daycare is designed to help your pet do the following: socialize, enrich, learn, and rejuvenate. We love adding new pets to our Wagly family and take the responsibility of helping them socialize very seriously.

A Plan for a New Life

If you recently adopted a puppy or kitten, pandemic life is all they have ever known. Before you jump right back into a more normal way of living, it is important to properly prepare your animals for how life will change to make the transition as simple for them as possible. Work closely with your veterinarian to figure out the best way to set your new family member up for a lifetime of health and happiness that will extend long after the pandemic ends. Consider purchasing a pet daycare membership to ensure your pets can still socialize and exercise once you return to work.

Wagly is here to help you make your pandemic pet a part of your family for the long-term. Our top-tier veterinary services and reputable daycare and boarding facilities are the perfect place to help your pet transition into post-pandemic life. Visit us online to learn more and to find the location nearest you.