As the weather starts to warm and your outdoor adventures increase with your furry friend, so do the chances of exposure to ticks. While we get to enjoy the sunshine nearly year-round in California, our peak tick season occurs between April and June. Our on-staff Wagly veterinarians have a few tips for you before your next hike with your canine companion, so you can keep them safe and ready for any outdoor adventure.

Always keep an eye on where your pup is roaming

Especially in areas like Santa Ana Mountains, Laguna Hills, Peter’s Canyon, and Santiago Oaks, dogs like to get down and roll around on the ground or near tall grass. This is the perfect hiding spot for ticks to hitch a ride. Make sure when you get home, you give your pet a thorough check for any unwanted guests.

Please Test Annually!

Sometimes ticks and other pesky threats like heartworm can go unnoticed for far too long. This could lead to serious problems like Leptospirosis, Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease, and more.

Preventing is the Best Medicine

Keep up-to-date on all of your flea and tick medications. Our veterinarians at Wagly can customize a plan for you and your dog so you can both hike without worry, other than what to snack on afterwards!

Following a few simple steps and connecting with the Wagly staff will ensure that no matter what your outdoor adventures hold, you and your pup will always be protected and ready for whatever is around the next corner.

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Happy Spring!