It’s road tripping season, and puppies everywhere are hitting the road. Are you prepared for your upcoming trip? Lake Hills’ Katelynn once spent two months on the road with her dog, and has compiled a list of her favorite hacks to help you through:

Take it slow

Parents traveling with toddlers are accustomed to making frequent stops. Pet parents should plan to do the same. Stop every 2 hours for a 10 or 15-minute walk. You’ll find that it helps you just as much as it helps your dog. Everyone likes to stretch their legs.

Be safe

Microchip your dog in case they become separated from you. If your dog tolerates a kennel or seatbelt in the car, that’s the best way to minimize injury in case of an accident. If not, try to make a cozy place for them to settle in. Remember that dogs in the front seat are a dangerous distraction.

Do a little research

Know which cities you’d to hit and try to plan your stops. The website Bring Fido is an excellent resource for finding pet-friendly restaurants and hotels. Look for dining options with a patio, so everyone can unwind and enjoy the experience, including your (dog-friendly) pup. For hotels, get familiar with their pet policies. Katelynn found that sticking to one chain made it easy to know what to expect. Bonus: if you spend enough nights with the same chain, you can often earn free nights!

Develop a pit-stop routine

You’re stopping frequently, so you’ll probably want to be quick at each stop. For Katelynn, this meant each parent walking the dog for a few minutes while the other ran to the restroom. Add in a little obedience sesh when you’re pumping gas to keep mentally stimulated.

Travel with your papers

If your dog needs veterinary care on the road, it’s nice to have their records on hand. Have physical or digital copies with you.

Have fun!

Your hotel isn’t going to allow you to leave your pup behind, so plan a lot of dog-centric activities. Explore unfamiliar dog parks, hike new trails, and curl up with favorite movies when everyone is tuckered out.