At Wagly, helping pets live their best lives is what we are all about. We also believe that this help should not be limited to only our patients, but to pets in crisis, too. This core belief is the inspiration behind our support of local animal rescue organizations.

Wagly’s Bellevue, WA location is proud to partner with Saving Great Animals, an organization that works tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome abused and neglected dogs in the greater-Seattle area. In addition to the medical, grooming, and training services we contribute to this remarkable organization, we are proud to use our blog platform to sing their praises, and spread the word about the invaluable work they do every day, too.

All About Saving Great Animals

At the heart of Saving Great Animals is their rescue work. Since 2007, SGA volunteers have helped more than 8,500 neglected, abused, and abandoned dogs find their forever homes. These pups find their way to SGA from high-kill shelters across the US, as well as more traditional means of surrender and situational rescue. 

As much as every success story deserves to be told, we’re narrowing our scope to three great saves. 

Meet Rover. This adorable little pup was barely recognizable as a dog when he first arrived at Saving Great Animals. His fur was beyond matted, and it was obvious that he had been severely neglected. A clean shave and lots of love from his foster home-turned forever home has transformed Rover into the darling floofer he is today. 

Allow us to introduce Ranier. Rainer came to SGA a matted mess, too; but worse still were the wounds and infections found under his matted coat, once he was shaved down. After his extensive grooming and multiple surgeries, Ranier, too, was adopted by his foster mom and is now living his best life.

And finally, Blizzard. Blizzard is still waiting for his forever home, but is patiently awaiting his happily ever after with his foster mom, for now. This adorable Pitty-mix was found tied-up outside a barn in freezing cold weather. He was emaciated and suffering from a number of health issues, all of which have been resolved after a number of surgeries and extensive veterinary care. We hope Blizzard finds his way home soon!

Matchmaker, Matchmaker…

In addition to their rescue and rehabilitation work, Saving Great Animals is also a “matchmaking” organization that focuses on connecting dogs in need with their forever families. 

Due to their tireless and diligent efforts, the return rates at Saving Great Animals are incredibly low. Here’s a look at why…

  • Dogs are only adopted out after they have been spayed/neutered, microchipped, updated on shots, and received proper medical care.
  • Before being adopted, dogs will undergo a “trial period” in their new home, which includes training and counseling.
  • Using a “cradle to grave” approach, the staff stays in touch with pet owners throughout the life of their dog, often helping them when the time comes to add a new furry member to the family.
  • Adoptive families are asked to sign a contract which ensures that if for any reason, a dog needs to be rehomed, they will return it to Saving Great Animals. This helps to ensure that the dog never sees the inside of another high-kill shelter again.

How You Can Help Save Great Animals, Too

Saving Great Animals is run entirely by volunteers, and exists only with the help of donations, grants, and fundraising efforts. We would like to encourage our readers to make a difference in the lives of this marginalized population by getting involved in any way, whether that is a financial contribution to help offset rising kennel and veterinary costs, a gift of time in the form of volunteer efforts, or by opening your home and heart to a foster dog. 

Please visit the Saving Great Animals website for more information. And as always, your Wagly team is here for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you have regarding your sweet pet!