Rocky is a beautiful and sweet 18-year-old domestic shorthair cat. Due to unfortunate circumstances, his pet parent was unable to care for him and he was left in Wagly’s care. We found ourselves with the task of finding him a new home, in addition to managing his chronic kidney disease and dealing with a small mass on his back and a large cystic mass on his cheek that was open and oozing, and really seemed to be bothering him.

We knew that before placing him into a new home, the best thing for Rocky would be to get him up to snuff with his veterinary care. First, we updated all of his vaccines. Second, we performed blood and urine tests to check his kidneys and other organs. Third, we started him on the proper diet that he needed. Fourth, we decided it was worth trying to remove the masses to improve his quality of life. Dr. Sallee performed the procedure and removed the masses that were bothering Rocky. Although he had a few speed bumps along the way, his surgery wounds healed and he was a wonderful patient. Everyone here at Wagly pitched in to help Rocky, donating time and resources for him. One employee became super close with Rocky during his time with us and, luckily for him, she decided to make him part of her family.

Rocky now lives with his new mom, dad, cat “brother” and dog “sister”. He is living the best life full of love and cuddles. Looking at Rocky now, you would not think that he had such a ‘rocky’ start! Rocky is a very sweet, affectionate kitty. He loves to get his hypoallergenic treats (or any treats really) and any attention he can get. The more cuddles and pets he gets, the happier he is. It also turned out that most of Rocky’s litter box problems were caused by the box being too small. As you can see he’s a big boy, so he needs a larger box. Now he uses the litter box just fine…… most of the time.

Wagly is very proud to be a part of Rocky’s story. We strive to give each pet that comes to us, not just great veterinary medical care, but a truly positive impact on their lives.