At Wagly, pet daycare is about so much more than watching your pet while you are at work. We believe in using the daycare experience to enhance your pet’s life and teach them important skills that will improve your time together. We love your pets as much as you do and we want to give them the opportunity to live their best lives each time they walk into a Wagly pet campus.Dogs play with bubbles.

Using Pet Daycare to Teach Socialization and Behavior

Daycare in Bellevue is often the most socialization pets get, and the Wagly team takes this responsibility seriously. We spend time ensuring that each animal properly socializes with their daycare pals while teaching them important behavioral skills that will help them flourish. We believe daycare is important for socialization and behavior for the following reasons:

  • Dogs thrive on routine, and visiting daycare in Irvine regularly establishes one outside of their typical home routine that helps them learn to socialize.
  • We work on behaviors in a new environment. Many dogs will follow obedience cues when in the comfort of their home, but once they leave that bubble, they can struggle. We help them keep these behaviors and obedience cues fresh in a different environment that will encourage them to use them in other situations they come across.
  • Dogs expel a LOT of energy at daycare—even if they aren’t super into playing with other dogs. The mental stimulation of being around other dogs and working with the play coaches is a huge energy release. 

Four dogs sit on a play set.The Wagly Approach to Daycare Activities

Our pet daycare program is designed to be used for both obedience work as well as enrichment. We employ the following activities to give your pet’s the best daycare experience:

“Daycare Olympics” (obedience work): Wagly has coined the term “Daycare Olympics” for the obedience section of our pet daycare in San Jose. We have play coaches who work with the dogs to master basic commands like “sit, stay, and down.” Once the dogs are comfortable with the terms solo, we then use them in group settings where we try to instruct all the dogs to sit at once. Sometimes our coaches will even compete to see who can get the most dogs in the room to sit or lay down at once!

During this portion of dog daycare in Tustin, we also work on name recognition, and waiting at doors and airlocks to learn how to politely enter and exit enclosures. Our goal is that each dog can get into the enclosure without a leash and they enter and exit calmly.

Enrichment: We rotate through a variety of activities to ensure that daycare is fun and engaging for our furry friends. We want to create activities that keep the dogs entertained and stimulated so they love being at daycare as much as we love having them there. These activities can include bubbles, ice parties, pool parties, and more.

Why Our Wagly Daycare Model Works

Because we are an all-in-one campus with daycare, boarding, and veterinary care under one roof, our daycare offers many benefits that others do not. Every pet in our care is given multiple body checks daily, which includes visual and physical checks to see if there are any potential health or grooming concerns. Our daycare team can discuss their concerns directly with the veterinary team or grooming team and provide recommendations and a treatment plan without even leaving the building. If your pet is nervous visiting our daycare, we can also address any stress concerns that might arise like stress diarrhea, anxiety, and loss of appetite.A play coach works with a group of dogs.

Pet Daycare and Pet Boarding Go Hand-In-Hand

At Wagly, we are strong believers that all pets who board with us should visit campus regularly. While this can be for any service, we feel staying with us in daycare is most ideal to help pets with the boarding experience. The more familiarity your dog has with our facility, handlers, and routine, the easier and more fun it will be for them during boarding stays. Daycare is a great transition to boarding because dogs get dropped off, have fun, and return to their owners at the end of the day. They learn not all visits to Wagly end in them missing their owners for extended periods of time.


Whether or not you work outside the home, dog daycare at Wagly is a fun and enriching experience for your pets. Visit us online today to learn more about our daycare philosophy and find the location nearest you. We can’t wait to meet your pets!