Each of our campuses has staff on-site (and awake!) 24/7 every single day of the year! It’s important to us that eyes are always on your pets ensuring they are happy, healthy, and doing well. The safety of our teams and all the pets on campus is our number one priority. Each member of our team has completed Knowing Dogs training, the most comprehensive training for daycare and boarding facilities–safety in group play, recognizing issues before they happen, and creating a safe environment is paramount to all we do. Ongoing trainings and refreshers also keep us all on our toes and knowledgeable in the latest in pet care–everything from recognizing lumps and bumps while bathing a dog to the latest in preventing the spread of canine cough to new training games to keep our pets learning. Our facilities are also all equipped with security systems, including cameras and alarms, so we can all rest easy.