Recently, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released an article on their study on Cat-Scratch Disease. In light of this new study, Cat-Scratch Disease has been getting more attention and concern than it warrants. Since then, headlines have popped up about how your cat could land you in the hospital, or even kill you!

Though it’s just surfacing in the media again, Cat-Scratch Disease has been around for a long time. The most you may have heard of it was from the 1970’s Ted Nugent hit, Cat-Scratch Fever. As with any disease, a good education is the most important factor.

Cat-Scratch Disease is caused by bacteria spread by fleas. Humans contract the disease when a flea infected cat scratches them with a claw that has flea fecal matter on it. The easiest way to prevent Cat-Scratch Disease is to protect your cat from fleas. There are many safe and effective ways to control fleas, ask your veterinarian for their recommendations.

The CDC report indicates that the incidences of Cat-Scratch Disease is most likely decreasing even though the amount of household cats has increased. This is due to pet parents being better at treating fleas and higher standards for flea medication.

Cat-Scratch Disease is easy to prevent so don’t get rid of your cat, just control the fleas on them!

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