Pet Training

We believe that pets and pet parents can learn new behavior patterns through collaboration, positive communication, encouragement, and most of all, trust

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A softer approach

  • We believe in motivation rather than submission, and follow an innovative relationship-based, positive reinforcement approach
  • Pet and pet parent learn together - we focus on cooperative communication and socialization
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Training for all levels

  • From puppy socializing to advanced behavioral training, we partner with you to achieve your goals
  • Our approach is to form a bond of trust between the trainer, pet parent, and pet so that verbal and non-verbal commands are understood with ease
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Individualized training

  • Just like humans, every dog learns differently. Our trainers are experienced in building creative and individual programs geared towards your dog’s learning ability
  • Elevate listening, socialization, and ease the worry of both pets and pet parents
  • Combining socialization and a relaxed training routine
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Our professional trainers will be happy to develop a customized plan for you and your pet.

Pet Training

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Customized training

Puppies, adults and seniors - it is never too late. Let's build a customized plan together!

People Wagly

Daniel took my Lulu, 4-year-old aggressive dachshund mix, for training and brought her back a respectful, calm pet. With her wonderful, new demeanor, I can relax when I need to leave her alone sometimes.

Carol Y. Wagly, San Jose, California

We took the training class offered by Cynthia and it was awesome. It was a six week class and it covered all the basic commands: sit, stay, leave it, etc. She gives you a clicker so you can teach your dog how to associate the sound with a treat; it really works!

Jessica L. CA
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