Update 4/21/22

The person responsible for setting the Home Depot on fire that resulted in considerable damage done to our Wagly location was arrested.

He went on a crime spree before the fire. The criminal was charged with 10 thefts that he performed before committing aggravated arson in the Home Depot while trying to steal some tools. He was stopped by a Home Depot employee and fled the scene in another person’s car.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the fire. You can learn more about the incident here.

Recovery Update 4/20/22

We here at Wagly want to express a heartfelt thank you for all the supportive messages we have received to date and all the help that has been offered. Without you we couldn’t do this!

We are working hard to chart a path for hopefully reopening and getting back on our feet. Our goal is to offer pets and their parents a trusted place for their pets to enjoy themselves, socialize with other pets, and get the very best veterinary care.

In the last week, our disaster remediation team started removing any standing water from the building, drying everything out, cleaning up debris, and initiating demolition activities. We are also having various experts take a look at the building to help us build a plan to get things back on track.

The Wagly team also got together to build a longer term plan for recovery, including discussing how resources from the GoFundMe recovery fund should be spent.

We are hopeful that our insurance coverage will allow us to physically rebuild the building to its prior state. However, this will only be the beginning of the journey!

Our goal is to direct the GoFundMe recovery fund towards items that would not be covered by insurance, including:

+ Supporting our employees that are currently out of work
+ Creating special programs and events for pets and clients around the reopening
+ Covering expenses that will not be supported by insurance
+ Giving back to some of the institutions that supported us during and after the emergency
+ Other initiatives proposed by our employees that can help us offer the best care to pets in the San Jose community

There are still many obstacles ahead and you can count on us to keep you updated on our progress towards making Wagly’s services available to the community once again very soon.

We are thankful for any and all support you can provide!

The Wagly Pack

The Fire at Wagly San Jose

On April 9th, 2022 the Home Depot next to our Wagly San Jose location became engulfed in flames. The smoke from the huge fire could be seen from everywhere in the South Bay.

Our hearts are broken, and we are so thankful that no person or pet was harmed. Our incredible staff had under 2 minutes to make sure every pet made it safely out of the building. And they succeeded.

It’s difficult to express how very proud we are of our incredible, courageous, and loving staff who took the time to make sure that every pet was saved.

Miraculously, the fire didn’t damage our building very much. The firewall between the buildings did an amazing job keeping the fire from damaging us further. The extensive damage that we suffered was from water.

Please help us recover from the fire by donating here. There is no amount too small as every little bit helps. Every dollar will go towards rebuilding so we can bring this exceptional Wagly team back into the community.

Our sincerest, deepest thanks goes out to all who helped us mange this crisis. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of first responders, former employees, pet parents, and the following:

Oakridge Veterinary Clinic

VCA Crocker
VCA San Martin
Medvet Campbell
MedVet Silicon Valley
Sage Campbell
San Jose Animal Control

We’re looking forward to our restoration so we can continue to serve the furry family members of San Jose and the surrounding areas.