We are like family here at Wagly, which is why bringing on a new team member is such a big deal to us. Dr. Fernando Fukuzato is the new veterinary medical director at our Lake Hills Location, and we couldn’t be more excited! 

Dr. Fukuzato is an experienced veterinarian with a love of animals and a true passion for his calling. We are thrilled to introduce him to you all, and for you to learn why he is the perfect addition to the Wagly family.

All About Dr. Fernando Fukuzato

Dr. Fernando FukuzatoDr. Fernando Fukuzato always knew the medical field would be his calling. His mother was a nurse, and he grew up visiting the hospital regularly. Everything about the hospital setting appealed to him, from the knowledge and compassion of the doctors and nurses to the technology they used in their pursuits.

Dr. Fukuzato has always felt a deep connection and empathy for animals, as well. Dr. Fukuzato particularly recalls a childhood trip to his mother’s home country of Peru, where there was a jungle cat on display in a cabin in the rainforest where the family was staying. 

One day, the cat got out and scratched him – not enough to injure him, but it did leave a lasting impression. Dr. Fukuzato couldn’t stay away from the cat after that, and spent hours sitting in front of its cage, admiring the cat’s beauty and empathizing with its despondency at being cooped up.

Dr. Fukuzato’s life experiences – both in medicine and in the well-being of animals – have had a far-reaching impact on his approach to veterinary medicine and his commitment to the highest standards of care for our animal companions. His dedication to meaningful engagement with pet parents in their efforts to provide the best possible care for their pets is backed by his professional knowledge and commitment to staying abreast of best practices and developing research in veterinary medicine.

Education and Background

Dr. Fukuzato’s love of animals, nature, and hospitals led him to the decision to enroll in veterinary school after college. Although he officially graduated from Oregon State University, he also holds a degree from the Washington State Colleges of Veterinary Medicine, due to the way the schools’ veterinary programs were organized at that time.

After graduation, Dr. Fukuzato completed a vigorous one year rotating small animal internship. The voluntary program is designed to give new veterinarians practical, real-world experience combined with one-on-one mentoring. He is also licensed to write and issue interstate and international health certificates in the states of Washington and California. Dr. Fukuzato has also been attending continuing education conferences almost yearly since graduating in 2005.

Home Life

Dr. Fukuzato is a family man in every sense of the word. Happily married and raising three young children, he works reduced hours in order to leave plenty of time for home and family life. Most of Dr. Fukuzato’s free time is spent at home, cooking, taking care of his pets, working in the garden, and reading (usually non-fiction books focused on personal development, parenting, and science). Being involved in his kids’ extracurricular activities, which include soccer and horse riding, is also a big part of each day. 

Additional pastimes include travel, surfing, and spending time on the beach whenever possible.

We look forward to learning and growing alongside Dr. Fukuzato, and can’t wait for all of our patients and their families to meet him! As always, please don’t hesitate to contact our staff with your questions or concerns about your pet. We are here for you!